Technology Transition & Integration

Expertly guiding R&D to enterprise operations without mission interruption


GCS Geospatial bridges the gap between innovation and implementation for US Defense and Intelligence Communities, translating cutting-edge research and development (R&D) into real-world applications for remote sensing and geospatial programs. We tackle this challenge head-on, serving as an expert guide throughout the entire technology transition and integration process for GEOINT programs, systems, communities, and enterprises. GCS Geospatial seamlessly navigates defense and intelligence programs from the initial R&D phase to full enterprise operations, ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting operations and critical government missions.

Transitioning Legacy Systems to Next-Generation Capabilities

GCS Geospatial understands that guiding new R&D into operations requires the foundational work of modernizing or replacing legacy systems to support today’s (and tomorrow’s) advanced technologies. We provide systems engineering and integration (SE&I) and full systems development life cycle (SDLC) support for modern IT infrastructures and fully operational enterprise solutions including the requisite technology transition.

Guiding New R&D Through the Full Transition Process

We provide technical leadership and guidance for the complete evolution of successful, new and emerging technologies into Operations. GCS Geospatial sees the big picture and advances capabilities along a logical life cycle of maturity and accessibility from R&D to Enterprise solution. We strategize and lead the full range of technology transition steps, including:

  • Research and development
  • Prototype/proof of concept
  • Initial operational capability
  • Quick-reaction capability
  • Full operational capability
  • Enterprise solution

Contract Vehicles

Serving specialized missions for the US Defense and Intelligence Communities.

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