About GCS Geospatial

GCS Geospatial’s depth of knowledge and experience in geospatial and remote sensing technologies makes us recognized experts in the field and has earned us the trust of customers throughout the US Defense and Intelligence Communities. Our team is committed to objective, rigorous, sound science and engineering that delivers the highest quality results to meet the critical needs of US national security missions.

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Focusing on Key Geospatial Capabilities

With industry recognized experts and an agile approach to each project, GCS Geospatial prioritizes quality support and subject matter expertise to meet new and evolving mission requirements. Our capabilities and expertise are precisely positioned at the center of technical geospatial activities for US Defense and Intelligence Communities.

Systems Engineering & Integration

Advanced Research, Algorithm, & Software Development

Testing, Assessments, and Independent Verification & Validation

Advanced 3D Point Mensuration and Precision Location

Technology Transition & Integration

Enterprise Operations 

News and Insights

May 21, 2024

Grover Consulting Services is now GCS Geospatial!  

A new name with a nod to our history while emphasizing and highlighting our continued focus on advancing geospatial and remote sensing technologies for the US Defense and Intelligence Communities.  
May 15, 2024

Introducing Verity Solutions™: Investing and Addressing Recognized Industry Needs

Committed to the pursuit of truth and uncovering objective answers to the hard problems facing our clients, our new corporate initiative, Verity Solutions™, provides reusable and tailored processes to support…
May 10, 2024

Meet Veronika: GCS Geospatial’s Newest Teammate

GCS Geospatial is excited to introduce Veronika, our new unmanned aerial system (UAS), as we kick off the 2024 field season with cutting-edge geospatial data collection and accuracy enhancements. Learn…

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At GCS Geospatial, you can put your knowledge, skills, and abilities into practice to advance important national security missions with real impact.

GCS Geospatial is emerging as a small business leader in the geospatial community, figure out how to get involved by reaching out…

Our Culture

We are firm believers in that culture eats strategy for breakfast. GCS Geospatial’s focus is always on what we do best and ensuring a supportive environment where each team member can grow their expertise and their careers.

Our Compensation

GCS Geospatial offers generous salaries, retirement, and leave, with 100% paid benefits. We have opportunities for professional development and opportunities for career growth as GCS Geospatial is emerging as a VOSB leader in the geospatial community…

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