Grover Consulting Services is now GCS Geospatial!  

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A new name with a nod to our history while emphasizing and highlighting our continued focus on advancing geospatial and remote sensing technologies for the US Defense and Intelligence Communities.  

We’ve arrived.  

After 10 years of providing geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) operational support and systems engineering and integration (SE&I) services to safeguard our country’s national security, we are excited to announce that Grover Consulting Services is now GCS Geospatial.  

Our new name acknowledges our origins, reflects our corporate identity, and reaffirms our continued commitment to advancing geospatial and remote sensing technologies.   

This evolution in our name further emphasizes our mission of advancing the geospatial and remote sensing capability beyond the DoD/IC, including Federal, Civil, and Law Enforcement Sectors.  

The National System for Geospatial Intelligence (NSG) is our domain.  

Our successful, decade-long performance has established GCS Geospatial as a mature, agile organization entrusted with solving some of the government’s most complex geospatial challenges. GCS Geospatial is steeped in the geospatial domain, from remote sensing collection concept of operations (CONOPS) and capabilities, advanced 3D data storage and dissemination, geodata accuracy and error modeling, to geoprocessing algorithm development. No matter the challenge, we are prepared to advance and unite the geospatial community.  

Our past shapes our future.  

Our high-quality team has fueled our success and built our reputation. As recognized GEOINT professionals, our technical leadership and subject matter experts have decades of experience, established GCS Geospatial as a thought leader and trusted agent among our customers, partners, and industry.    

GCS Geospatial has earned a deserved reputation in a highly specialized technical and scientific field.  

Born out of the need to provide continuity of service and fill specific gaps in the US Defense and Intelligence Communities’ advanced geospatial data and GEOINT, the early days of the company established our experts as a core point of expertise and connectivity across multiple government geospatial terrain data programs. Those foundational years were an exciting time of new sensors, data, and high-fidelity GEOINT technology that helped shape what the industry has become. Over the last decade, GCS Geospatial has matured alongside the technology, expanding our reach into additional organizations and projects.  

Today, we are a trusted agent and facilitator, providing critical GEOINT services across the US Defense and Intelligence Communities.  

Reflecting on our past and looking toward the future, we have set the bar high and would not have it any other way.  We are proud of our ability to foster strong relationships between industry, academia, and government, helping to shape our company vision and goals for continued excellence.  

Time flies. Ten plus years and the best is yet to come!