Introducing Verity Solutions™: Investing and Addressing Recognized Industry Needs

By May 15, 2024June 4th, 2024No Comments

GCS Geospatial, we are always seeking truth and pride ourselves in being able to deliver an honest message to our customers. Truth and honesty are core to our practices and frame of mind, no matter the task. In all that we do, spanning SE&I to software development to IV&V, we are in search of rigorous and objective answers to the hard problems facing our customers.

From its beginning over a decade ago, GCS Geospatial has been driven by sound principles of science and engineering, including a disciplined approach to all that we do and a sharp focus on reusable tools and processes.  We continuously strive to improve processes, enable those processes with foundational tools, and to institutionalize those processes and tools into the organization for future use and improvement.

In furtherance of this mindset, we are investing in a new corporate initiative we are calling Verity Solutions™. GCS Geospatial employees are working together to build out reusable and tailorable processes and tools in support of quantitative and qualitative analysis of all things geospatial. Our initial efforts are focusing heavily on the development of a low-cost, high accuracy workflow for establishing new and augmenting existing reference datasets. This comes through the acquisition and development of a 3D mapping capability mixing both aerial and ground imagery.

This work is providing next-generation tools and processes for our customers in performing rigorous accuracy assessment of imagery, geospatial data, and derivative geospatial products.