Meet Veronika: GCS Geospatial’s Newest Teammate

By May 10, 2024June 4th, 2024No Comments

GCS Geospatial is excited to introduce Veronika, our new unmanned aerial system (UAS). As part of our Verity Solution™ suite of technologies, she will be the first to serve on the front lines of geospatial reference data collections to support our accuracy assessment efforts.  These collection efforts will focus on highly precise, accurate, and focused collections over pre-established ground control networks to augment, enhance, and extend reference control data.  With the 2024 field season in full swing, Veronika, our team of three licensed pilots, and support team will perform end-to-end testing and operationalize our processes and tools as we prepare to offer a full range of reference data collection services to support accuracy assessment work for our customers.   

Key objectives of our initial field season include flight mission planning, collections planning, systems function checks, collection mission execution, data processing, and data verification and testing.  Thanks to our friends at GeoAcuity for their continued invaluable assistance, support, and training as we fully operationalize these new capabilities. GCS Geospatial plans to offer a full range of services associated with superior geospatial reference data collection and augmentation for rigorous, quantitative, and objective accuracy assessment work.   

As we move forward, Veronika will be supported by complementary terrestrial collection capabilities, including Real-Time nematic (RTK) surveys and close-range terrestrial photogrammetry.  More to follow on each of these exciting new capabilities.  We all wish Veronika and the entire GCS Geospatial UAS team a very safe and productive 2024 field season! 

The use of UAS-based aerial photogrammetry, RTK and other survey methods, and close-range terrestrial photogrammetry are a concerted investment and development effort on the part of GCS Geospatial to address the common lack of relevant, suitable, and accurate reference data for performing accuracy assessments of geospatial data and products. Too often, the community is forced to use inherited and/or fortuitous reference data, which only compromises the results and the ability to draw meaningful conclusions about accuracy.  GCS Geospatial is at the forefront of addressing this important issue and ensuring a future where suitable reference data can be collected, as needed, in a sound cost/benefit scenario. 

This work is part of GCS Geospatial’s continued commitment to and investment in more and better repeatable and tailorable tools and processes to ensure the community’s ability to realistically understand all aspects of the quality of their geospatial data, processes, and tools. 

If you can’t measure it, you can’t describe it, you can’t understand it, and you can’t use it appropriately. Understanding this drives us at GCS Geospatial and is instantiated throughout our Verity Solutions™ efforts and services.